8-Looper pedal

Make your mono effects pedals true bypass

We all have our favourite effects pedals, but so often they can affect your instruments signal even when they are turned off.

The MarkOne Audio 8-Looper pedal is one in a range of loop pedals designed to make your favourite pedals true bypass. It works by isolating 1 or more mono effects pedals within any of its eight true bypass loop. You simply plug one of the sends on the 8-Looper to the input of your pedal and then route the output to the return on that channel and you have now made your pedal(s) true bypass! You then leave your effects pedal(s) turned on in the loop and simply access it by using the footswitch on the 8-Looper. Not only do you get the benefit of true bypass, you also gain the ability to turn a group of effects on or off with just one press of a switch.

The 8-looper also benefits from being completely passive and therefore needs no power to run. However, you can hook it up to a standard 9 volt dc supply or plug in a 9 volt battery to power the LEDs which light up when a loop is selected.

PLEASE NOTE: This pedal DOES NOT record and play back your instrument. It is designed to isolate 1 or more effects pedals within each of its true bypass loops.

Product Features

  • Makes any mono effects pedal true bypass
  • Has 8 seperate loops giving you a choice of set-up options
  • Rugged yet compact aluminium enclosure measuring only 22cm by 15cm
  • Completely passive so does not need any power to run
  • If powered then the bright blue LEDs makes it easy to see what's going on in any situation
  • Designed and hand built in England

The MarkOne Audio 8-looper pedal is available to purchase from our website for £99.95 including postage and packaging for UK customers. We also post worldwide, so if you’re outside of the UK please select the appropriate setting in the drop down menu above the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

You may well be wondering why are prices are so competitive? Don’t think that our low prices are a sign of poor quality kit - we sell all of our true bypass pedals directly to the public which removes the 2-3 times mark up music shops and distributors add to the final price. These are not badly built Chinese pedals which use cheap components; we use top quality parts throughout all of our pedals. We also use our expertise to make sure they will match or indeed exceed the quality of any other pedal out there, no matter what price tag it holds.

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